Animated explainer videos

Find a more effective way to deliver your message across multiple platforms.

According to Dr James McQuivey, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It’s a claim that can be difficult to believe, given the great results that professionally written copy can generate for your business – but our clients are increasingly waking up to the huge potential of video marketing as a means of establishing deeper connections with their customers.

The power of video marketing

The beauty of creating an explainer video is this: you can make sure it’s accessible from any platform, on any device. Whether you want to create a corporate showreel for use on your website’s homepage, or a snappier montage that will grab the attention of your Facebook fans or Instagram followers, your professionally animated and edited video content will be sure to stop even the most impatient user in their tracks.

What we can do

Our video production specialists in Leeds will work with you to produce a short film that explains your chosen topic quickly and succinctly. By bringing together cutting-edge graphics, colourful images, bespoke illustrations and a carefully curated soundtrack, we’ll create an animated explainer video that your audience will find difficult to resist.

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